The Student Life Experience

At Rivier, you choose your own course. Whether you’re looking for a group aligned with your major, want to find people who share your interests, or want to explore something new, you’re sure to make new friends and develop new skills.

The Student Life Experience

We’re small enough that everyone knows your name—but big enough for you to make your own path. We have clubs for almost every subject—Biology Club, Dance Team, Model United Nations, and others—and if there isn’t a club that connects with your interests, create your own! Whether you’re participating in a team sport or forming your own club—your experience is what you make of it.


  • Kurt Stimeling | Vice President for Student Affairs

Living on Campus

Learn about housing and commuting.
  • Dr. Paula Randazza | Director of Student Life and Housing

  • Take a Virtual Tour of Guild Hall

  • Maddy Moedebeck | What is it like living on campus?

  • Julie Williams | What is the commuter experience like at Rivier?

  • Julie Williams | How do you stay engaged on campus as a commuter?

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Dining Services

Learning about dining at Rivier.
  • Karen VanAvery | General Manager of Dining Services

  • Maddy Moedebeck | What is the Dion Dining Center like?

Campus Ministry

  • Anna Moletteri | Director of Campus Ministry

Public Safety

Learn about Public Safety on campus.
  • Robert Casey |  Director of Public Safety

Student Engagement

  • Eric Blackburn | Director of Student Engagement 

  • Hope Cataldo | What is there to do on the weekend, and what clubs or activities are available for students? 

  • Katia Pride | What clubs and activities are available for students? 

  • Danny Sciolaro | What kind of events does Riv host for students?

  • Danny Sciolaro | What is your favorite campus event? 

Frequently Asked Questions & Downloadable Content

Counseling & Wellness

Learn about Counseling and Wellness at Rivier.
  • Tiffany Considine | Director of Counseling and Wellness

Frequently Asked Questions & Downloadable Content